There are end numbers of laptops available in all shapes and sizes, starting from budget till deluxe. But what to buy when everything you do is online, you do not need much in the way of software support, and you want to spend in the hundreds and never mind the thousands? A Chromebook could be your answer.

These inexpensive laptops do not offer a full Windows experience but Chromebook’s ultralow prices and web-centric operation make them absolutely perfect for light-usage social media and web based-productivity. Multiple chromebooks do not pack impressive hardware, but they also rarely require it. Because you will be visiting websites and running programs all from Chrome OS, which is basically a souped-up version of the lean-running Chrome web browser, the technical barrier to entry is low. This even means that you do not have to deal with downloading and installing traditional software; if you cannot do something on or within a standard webpage, possibilities are high that you will be able to from one of the thousands of apps and extensions available to Chrome OS users.

With just a few taps, your Chromebook can offer you as much functionality as a budget Windows laptop, and you even can set up any app designed for the Android mobile OS on many newer Chromebooks. This actually means Microsoft Office is not available on multiple via the Google Play Store for Chrome, a revolution in functionality that removes best Chromebooks one of the concluding barriers preventing productivity devotees from switching to Chrome. If the Chromebook you are searching for is on Google’s list of Chromebooks that can run Android apps, it can run Office apps, according to Microsoft.

The most primary advantage of running exclusively web-based software is security. For all intents and purposes, you are immune to the viruses and other malware that so often plague vulnerable Windows systems. Chrome OS updates even take seconds to complete, rather than the minutes or hours you might have to wait a macos and Windows to do their update thing. And although easy access to an always-on internet connection is a must for Chromebooks, you are able to perform most standard tasks offline and sync up later on, so you do not have to slow or stop your work if there’s an internet connectivity hiccup.

Key Things to Look For

When shopping for a Chromebook, you will note less hardware variety than with Windows machines. These are the most vital specs and factors to be aware of.

Screen Resolution: The usual native display resolution on the best Chromebook will be 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, otherwise known as 1080p, but a few cheaper Chromebooks may be lower-resolution, and a very highest-end models may be higher resolution. For most midsize Chromebooks with screens from 13 to 15 inches, 1080 id just fine.

Processor: A low end CPU like a Celeron or a Pentium will serve you just fine if all you do is browse with a couple of tabs open. Chromebooks comes with Intel Core CPUs i.e. Core i3 or Core i5 and allow multitasking. They will also be more expensive. A $300 Windows laptop with an Intel Celeron processor and 4 GB of memory might be unpleasantly sluggish in everyday use under Windows 10, but a Chromebook with those same specifications should offer a fine user experience. If you are an extreme multitasker, consider a Core chip.

Connectivity: Most top Chromebook connections are wireless, as you will use the machine almost exclusively attached to Wi-Fi. Ethernet ports are not common. If you will require to give presentations, look for a video output port, such as HDMI, that matches that displays you will have at your disposal. Even look for a USB port or two if you will want to attach a mouse or other peripheral by wire.

Storage Considerations: Most of your files on a Chromebook will be stored in the cloud, so Chromebooks involve only a small serving of eMMC- based storage, usually 32GB or 64GB, on which to save your local creations. Look for an SD card slot if you think you will want to save more flies on the device.

How Chromebooks are Evolving

The newest Chromebooks have stepped up from being basic systems running Chrome OS to being basic systems running Chrome OS to being elegant computers that offer surprisingly rich capabilities. A few sport carbon fiber or use a light-weight Mg alloy frame with a shiny white plastic exterior. Others add a bright In-Plane switch [IPS] show, which offers sharp images and wide viewing angles, or swap out the standard eMMC- based storage for a speedier, roomier 128GB SSD. The top models have premium styling that even house owners of high-end laptops would envy.

Over the previous few years, the Chromebook category has matured beyond basic functionality, and the real competition is now based on features. We are seeing more options that previously were available only on Windows laptops. For one single thing, some Chromebooks now have touch displays, and starting with version 71 of the Chrome operating system, it will be optimized for touch input. That’s handy when you are tapping away at Android apps, which are designed from the outset for touch.

Multiple screen sizes are available, too, from 10 inches to 15 inches. Other models sport convertible designs that let you fold the Chromebook into modes for laptop, tablet, or presentation use, along with lines of 360-degree-rotating models like Lenovo’s Yoga or HP’s x360 families. HP’s new Chromebook x2even lets you detach the keyboard to use it as a true tablet, just as you can with Windows tablets. The result’s that currently, a budget laptop computer and a equally priced Chromebook will look a lot of alike than you may expect.

Whether you are a Facebook addict or you just need a machine for checking email and working in Google apps, Chromebooks are easy to use, convenient to take on the go, and inexpensive. If you think Chrome OS laptop is perfect for you, check out the reviews below for the top-rated chromebooks we have tested. Have a look at them:

Table of Best Chromebooks in 2019: Top 10 Picked

Model NO. Check Price Processor Storage RAM
ASUS Chromebook Flip C213SA-YS02-S Check Price Intel Dual-Core N3350 32 GB 4GB
Samsung Chromebook Pro Check Price Intel Core M3 Processor 6Y30 32 GB 4GB
Acer Chromebook 14 Check Price Intel Celeron N3160 32 GB 4GB
Google Pixelbook Check Price 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor 128GB 8GB
HP Chromebook 14 Check Price Intel(R) Celeron(R) Processor N3350 16 GB 4GB
Acer Chromebook R11 Check Price Intel Celeron N3150 32 GB 4GB
Dell Chromebook 3189 Check Price Celeron N3060 Processor 64 GB 4GB
Lenovo 500e Chromebook Check Price 8032 32GB 4GB
Asus Chromebook Flip Check Price Intel Core Processor 64 GB 4GB
Acer Chromebook Spin 11 Check Price Intel Celeron N3350 Dual-Core 32GB 4GB

1. ASUS Chromebook Flip C213SA-YS02-S

Asus Chromebook Flip C213SA-YS02-S

Verdict: Before the Google Pixelbook showed up and showed us exactly what the best Chromebooks are capable of, the Asus Chromebook Flip was the Google laptop to get. Rocking a full-fat Intel Core processor and full-HD show, the Chromebook Flip modified everything. With this Chromebook, all the options we tend to consider granted came to life. Put simply, if you want to key features that the Pixelbook offers, but you do not want to drop that much cash the Asus Chromebook Flip is a great option.

For: It has Elegant tablet mode, gorgeous and vivid screen and Tactile keyboard.

Against: Middling keyboard

2. Samsung Chromebook Pro

Samsung Chromebook Pro

Verdict: When android apps begun heading to the best chromebooks, it was only a matter of time before Samsung took its mastery of the two Oss and crafted something truly beautiful. With a 12.3 inch QHD touchscreen and a 360-degree hinge, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is widely acclaimed for its built-in stylus- the initial of its kind to show up in a Chromebook. Not solely will it show up a majority of laptops in its own class, however it’s higher than most golem devices yet, even if the keyboard could use some improvement.

For: It has a vivid and stunning screen, stylus support on Chrome OS and gorgeous yet simple design.

Against: It has maximum battery life of 9 hours, weak speakers and cramped keyboard.

3. Acer Chromebook 14

Accer Chromebook 14

Verdict: The Acer Chromebook 14 stands out for its stylish design and big screen at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a classier Chromebook, this it.

For: The inexpensive Acer Chromebook 14’s aluminium body is much nicer than the plastic competition. The matte-finish, 14-inch full HD IPS show may be a nice size for work and play, but still keeps this laptop’s footprint small enough for commuting.

Against: It has no SD or microSD card slot for expanding its 32GB of storage. The keyboard is not backlit and shallow. Power users can need to maximize to the Work version of this Chromebook or look elsewhere.

4. Google Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook

Verdict: Shortly after proclaiming the chromebook Pixel as dead, Google revived it in a way nobody expected. Now, it’s the Google Pixelbook and it stands completely independent of it’s predecessor. That’s as a result of, unlike the Chromebook Pixel, it can run Android apps natively, on top of building upon Chrome OS. And, once you add within the large quantity of space for storing, fantastic stylus and Google Assistant, it shouldn’t surprise you when we say the Pixelbook is the best Chromebook 2018 has got to offer- however long once its launch.

For: Sublime design, full android support, awesome keyboard and an excellent stylus support.

Against: It has Pen sold separately, poor audio performance and no biometric login

5. HP Chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14

Verdict: We always believe, that the best chromebooks are the ones that balance a rock bottom price and speedy use of Chrome OS- and the HP Chromebook 12 is a perfect example. When it is similar to the Acer Chromebook 15 in a lot of ways, this 14-inch Chromebook is a bit more compact and even looks better. Complemented by a sky-blue end and a screen created to astound the H.P. Chromebook fourteen boasts the most effective price of any Chromebook out there. Even if the battery life and performance ar average- the H.P. Chromebook fourteen is well one in every of the most effective Chromebooks on the market without delay.

For: The Chrome OS is speedy and responsive, excellent keyboard and trackpad and it has a crisp and vivid screen.

Against: It is not powerful as some higher-end Chromebooks and an average battery life.

6. Acer Chromebook R11

Acer Chromebook R11

Verdict: We wouldn’t be surprised to see Acer replacing the Chromebook R11– atleast, judging by the recent release of the Chromebook Spin 11, but it still holds up to this day in concert of the most effective chromebooks on the market. It is not the foremost powerful possibility out there, however it still offers you full access to golem apps on the Google Play Store. What’s more, it does so on a touchscreen display that can be rotated around into tablet mode, complemented by an all-metal finish that you won’t be ashamed of.

For: It is convertible, attractively minimalist and has a good battery life.

Against: It has a terrible trackpad and it has only HD-screen.

7. Dell Chromebook 3189

Dell Chromebook 3189

Verdict: The Dell Chromebook 3189 is a durable convertible laptop, with a long-lasting battery, a multimode hinge, and enough processing juice to assist power online and classroom learning.

For: More than 11 hours of battery life. Rugged, spill-proof exterior, 2-in-1 convertible form factor. Support for Google for Education administration and features.

Against: Low-resolution screen and no USB-C ports.

8. Lenovo 500e Chromebook

Lenovo 500e Chromebook

Verdict: Well-suited for basic online use, the 500e is sturdy, portable, long-lasting chromebook that competently doubles as a tablet.

For: The tough chromebook 500e gets the jobs perfectly done as a laptop and tablet, with a responsive and solid battery life and comfortable keyboard. It also has two web cameras.

Against: Chunky, mediocre display, plastic aesthetic and limited to online apps.

9. Asus Chromebook Flip [C302 CA-DHM4]

Asus Chromebook Flip C302 CA-DHM4

Verdict: The Asus Chromebook Flip C302 is worthy of its premium stature with a gorgeous screen, tactile keyboard and a classy design that is equally as comfortable to use in tablet mode or as a traditional laptop.

For: It has elegant tablet mode, tactile keyboard and has gorgeous and vivid screen.

Against: Middling Speakers

10. Acer Chromebook Spin 11

Acer Chromebook Spin 11

Verdict: One of the most compelling use cases for the best chromebooks is that of the student laptop- and the Acer Chromebook 11 is a perfect example. If you are a student, or even a parent of a student that is looking for a cheap, capable and, more importantly, durable machine to get some homework done on the go, you shouldn’t require to look further than the Acer Chromebook 11. You won’t be able to do any hardcore vice or video redaction on this factor, but if you just need something to write some papers and watch some YouTube in your downtime- you must provides it a glance.

For: It has Excellent screen, lasting battery life and relatively inexpensive

Against: It has small keyboard, feels hollow and the sound of its speaker, muffled on some surfaces.